Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner 


1.  Hiring a good wedding planner ensures that you will have a stress free day for your family, guests and most of all yourself.   

2.  Most events involve some kind of crisis.  Wedding planners know how to handle these unforseen circumstances.  (Missing bouquet, late vendors...etc.)   

3.  There are many events leading up to the big day.  Planners will make the detailed itineraries for all involved (including vendors) and make sure that everything happens on time.  

4.  With all the countless questions that are bound to come up, it will be easy to simply say "talk to the wedding planner"  

5.   You may have been dreaming of your wedding day your entire life, a wedding planner works for the couple to ensure that their dreams can be met.   

6.  Weddings are very stressful, wedding planners can help you navigate problems and avoid arguments for couples, family members and friends.  

7.   Weddings can be expensive.  By hiring a wedding planner couples can save a great deal of money by not making costly mistakes.  Planners can also help couples set budgets and stick to them.   

8.   Planning a wedding takes an enormous amount of time.  A good wedding planner will save you time and energy by doing research for you, hiring reputable vendors and handling all the little details. 

9.  Planners are responsible for wedding rehearsals, & creating timelines.  Planners coordinate from rehearsal through the end of the reception to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

10.  Hiring a wedding planner allows you to be a guest at your own wedding.