5 Reasons to Not Hire a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator
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Friday, September 02, 2016
By Liz Grimes
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1 You know all the best wedding professionals in your area and don’t need anyone to give you recommendations.

Not every professional in any field is right for every couple or right for every event. A planner can help you determine which professionals best match your personality, your vision, and your budget. They know the reputations and history of the wedding professionals in your area.

2. If you don’t know all the best of wedding professionals, you have a lot of time to research, check reviews, credentials and pricing .

A wedding planner will have more than 100 hours invested in just your wedding day. A day of coordinator will have between 20-40 hours in your wedding day-planning your time line, connecting with other vendors, making sure all the loose ends are tied up. Even with a planner, most couples spend 10-15 hours per week planning their wedding. Do you really have another 100 hours to spend, researching, connecting with and getting to know each vendor, setting up your time line, and all the little details that go into making your wedding day completely unique and yours?

3. You want to be completely in charge of all aspects of your wedding day.  You will want everyone to come to you with questions, problems and issues.

You will keep your cell phone on you at all times on your wedding day so you can give directions to vendors, can answer vendors questions about when they are supposed to arrive (because they did not get a time line from you). You can run your own timeline and keep everything running on time. A professional planner or day of coordinator knows what problems to anticipate and how to prevent them from happening. A planner or coordinator can run your time line and not worry about offending guests or family and friends. They have the skill set to keep everything running smoothly so you can relax, and enjoy your day stress free. They can work with the vendors to be sure everything is exactly like you said you want it.

4. You want your mother to miss all the best parts of your wedding day because she is busy with all the vendors, decorations and set up required of the biggest day of your life.

Your mother is your biggest supporter and best friend. She is the most organized and helpful person you know. So, you are sure she won’t mind staying on the run from morning until night on your wedding day, missing large parts of the ceremony while being sure the reception area is set up, not being there for you while getting dressed because she is trying to find out where the caterer is and why there is not any food. A professional planner or day of coordinator does those things to free up your mother to be present for you on your wedding day.

5. Your friends and family members are eager to stay after the big party and help you clean up and take everything back to their homes to sort and decide what to do with all the decorations and leftover items from your wedding.

They all know exactly what you want done with everything and how the venue wantsthe place reset after your wedding. Your guests want to stay after the party and clean the venue, they are comfortable handing your personal belongings you left in the dressing area. A professional planner or coordinator knows what is expected by the venue when the party is over. They have staff to help with clean up and packing up your belongings, decorations, and any leftovers for you. They know how to encourage guests to leave on time so that the work can be done most efficiently.


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